welcome to FOOTY KIDS

The Program

The footy kids program is a weekly footy clinic working with kids in two age specific groups. The purpose of the program is to help, develop the children from an early age with the basic building blocks of Aussie rules football in a safe and fun environment.

Below are the two age specific groups and what they will learn through each stage.

Specky Juniors

(3 to 4 years old)

We progress to additional skill sets introducing the handball and further kicking development. Sessions introduce team environment and games that encourage camaraderie and teamwork involving parents. Activities are aimed at increasing fitness levels and skill levels. (12-18 kids per session)

Specky Squad

(4 to 6 years old)

The Specky Squad will be tested with skill based activities and games that will help develop their abilities ready for their next stage. We will focus on foot skills and ball handling and improve their knowledge of the game. (12-18 kids per session)

All session are 45 minutes and are run indoors so no matter the weather the kids can get a kick. Parent participation is essential at the early stages to help kids through skills and activities but we do work towards the kids to do parts of the sessions by themselves.

We also places a big emphasis on eating healthy and the importance of fitness for well being.